Wisdom Teeth Suck!!!



Hey there you lovely lot!!!

I always feel strange saying hey when there maybe no one reading this 🙈.

Yesterday i had my bottom wisdom tooth removed and im feeling much better its crazy how something so small can cause so much pain and affect you so much.

I had to have so many injections the nerves in my face had gotten paralysed so this resulted in me needing to wear an eye patch for the rest of the day.

The kids did get a little scared coming home from school and finding me sleeping on the sofa with the eye patch over one eye. So this ment that my little girl ended up crying thinking that my eye had been removed bless her. Dont worry the other half soon woke me up to explain to them that i was perfectly fine although i did have to remove the eye patch to show them i still had my eye 🙊.

After having 5 children all pain relief free i can honestly say wisdom tooth ache is like no other pain its the fact that the pain just doesn’t go away even with medication.

So its safe to say that i am truly thankful to see the back of that pesky tooth.

Much love 🖤


And So It Begins!!!

PicsArt_05-23-06.32.16Hey there you lovely lot!!!

My tribe are still snoozing I wish I was, I was up at the crack of dawn with tooth ache from hell honestly wisdom teeth are the worst.

Ive decided to start a brand new blog this sunny Saturday morning .
I feel like I slightly neglected my old blog and just didn’t know where to pick it back up from so I thought what better way than to start a fresh.

So here goes …

After taking a little time away from social media Ive come back with a fresh out look on how I want to do things and also realised that I should be doing it because I love to not because I feel like I need to .

Do you ever get like that you know you feel like it’s all just gotten a bit too much and you feel like your spending too much time on virtual life rather than real life.

I hope I’m not the only one ?

I’m hoping that I can bring some tips and tricks for raising 5 small humans some advice for instagramming , reviews of my favourite small businesses and some shout outs for much-loved insta mummas.

I can hear little foot steps upstairs so for now what ever you chose to do this wonderful sunny day have a fab one !!!

~ much love ~

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